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The MagPi is an online magazine dedicated to the Raspberry Pi, created by the community for the community. It's a great way to get to grips with learning how to program your Pi and how to get started on building hardware projects; it’ll also help you find out more about the community around the device and demystify the command line.

Issue Contents:

  • USB Arduino Link - Using Nanpy to connect your Raspberry Pi to Arduino
  • Command line Arduino programming
  • The Raspberry Pi Camera Module - part 2 - advanced operation
  • A cocktail of expansion boards - part 4: MegaPower DC-DC convertor and ATmega328 MCU
  • The Rasclock - Raspberry Pi timekeeping with a real-time clock
  • Pi Matrix - part 3: Building a toolkit of patterns
  • MAME - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
  • <XML /> - part 1: An introduction to XML
  • My OS: Build a customised operating system
  • Assembly processing with RISC OS - part 2: Low-level coding
  • This month's event guide - Preston, Manchester, Powys, Gateshead
  • Book Review: Charm Programming on the Raspberry Pi
  • The Python Pit: An introduction to Python iterators and generators
  • Feedback - Have your say about The MagPi