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Here's your ticket to a world of adventures with the Raspberry Pi

There are so many great things about the Raspberry Pi. It makes learning to program a computer fast, easy, and fun, even if you don't know the first thing about programming. The Raspberry Pi is your gateway to a world of limitless adventures in technology.

Adventures in Raspberry Pi is your ticket to that world. Author Carrie Anne Philbin takes you step by step through everything you need to know to:

  • Get started with your Raspberry Pi
  • Write your first programs in the Scratch and Python programming languages
  • Draw shapes and designs with Turtle Graphics
  • Use cool developer tools, such as Minecraft Pi and Sonic Pi
  • Interact with and create transporters in a Minecraft world
  • Compose and play electronic music
  • Design and create your own role-playing game
  • Learn basic electronics, starting with a marshmallow-powered button
  • Plan, design and create a jukebox that plays your favourite tunes

Once you know the basics, the Raspberry Pi offers endless possibilities. Adventures in Raspberry Pi is the perfect guide to learning the skills to make the most of your Raspberry Pi. And just to make your journey that much easier, the Adventures in Raspberry Pi companion website supplies you with video tutorials for every project in the book. Visit the companion website at to see videos of the projects, download code files, and collect badges for your Raspberry Pi accomplishments.

Carrie Anne Philbin is a Google Certified Educator, a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, and former computing teacher. She is also the founder and presenter of the award-winning Gurl Geek Diaries. Currently, Carrie Anne is working with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to improve the teaching of computing in schools.