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The MagPi is an online magazine dedicated to the Raspberry Pi, created by the community for the community. It's a great way to get to grips with learning how to program your Pi and how to get started on building hardware projects; it’ll also help you find out more about the community around the device and demystify the command line.

Issue Contents:

  • Astronomical tracking - reflective solar tracking control system
  • Nightlight - Keeping night-time monsters away with PiGlow
  • Laika™ - part 1: Introducing Laika Explorer and digital output electronics
  • MUNTS I/O expansion board - part 3: LEGO® interfacing with an ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller
  • Home automation - Controlling your garage door over the internet with the Raspberry Pi
  • Database boot camp - part 2: Inserting and viewing stored data
  • This month's events guide - Torbay, CERN, Quebec, Wakefield, Beachwood
  • WYLIODRIN - Programming the Raspberry Pi from a web browser using a visual language
  • I/O expansion with Python and Scratch - adding I/O devices to RpiScratchIO
  • Competition - Win a bundle of Raspberry Pi accessories from PC Supplies Ltd
  • Book Reviews - Raspberry Pi User Guide Second Edition and Learning Python with Raspberry Pi
  • Feedback - Have your say about The MagPi