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The MagPi is the official Raspberry Pi magazine. It offers the latest news, reviews, features, and tutorials dedicated to the world's favourite credit card-sized PC.

We have more #PiZero projects for you to try out this issue, along with the top ten Raspberry Pi HATs.

  • More #PiZero projects
    More inspiration on how to use your #PiZero with these fun and practical projects.
  • 10 amazing HAT add-on boards
    Ten ways to upgrade your Raspberry Pi using hardware attached on top.
  • Retro console in a SNES controller
    Upgrade a USB SNES controller with a #PiZero, so it can play SNES games.
  • Control Minecraft with Node-RED
    Program Steve using Node-RED, so he can sense the virtual world around him.
  • 4Borg reviewed!
    The affordable robot kit from PiBorg is here; find out just how good it is.

And much, much more!​