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Babbage Bear's first electronics kit!

Babbage is a very busy bear. In his downtime between his trips to space and his duties as official mascot to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, he likes nothing better than to play a quick memory game. Fortunately, we've set him up with a kit which fits into his backpack! Now he can play his favourite game wherever he happens to be.

If you'd like to play the game as well, and maybe learn a little electronics on the way, then this kit contains everything you'll need except the Raspberry Pi itself.

Once you've set up the components and installed the code, simply remember the pattern of the lights and copy it with the switches. If you've got an audio output hooked up to your Raspberry Pi, you'll even get an audio cue to help you out. You've got three tries to get it right; after that, you're out!

If you don't have your Babbage already, don't worry, you can get one here.